Signage is our business. We have a passion for signage. Starting from humble beginnings in Cape Town, Interactive Signs has grown to be a national signage company working with all companies big or small to assist in there signage needs.

signage options

Below are some of our signage options. However because we manufacture the signs ourselves we offer custom build signage aswell.

Aluminum Lettering

The need for longevity & style has always featured highly on the priority list of most signage plans.

Chromadeck Signs

Galvanized sheet metal or coated galvanized sheet metal is great for outdoor signs.

Wayfinding Signs

What good is a development if you can’t find your way around it, right?

Development boards

Interactive Signs has been privileged to design, manufacture & install billboards for various development projects.

Vehicle Branding

What better way to advertise your business & what it does!

Light Boxes

They can be installed flat against walls, connected to day / night switches enabling power on automatically when it gets dark.

Digital Flexface

  Often unfamiliar to the naked eye, signs around the world today are made by digitally printing onto a canvass type material (PVC).

Neon Signs

The colour brightness & durability is truly remarkable & no doubt the reason Vegas looks so good!

Fabricated Perspex

A very popular sign type & often a favourite in ensuiring sufficient brand exposure.

Featured Projects

Some examples of our completed jobs.

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