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Often unfamiliar to many a naked eye, signs around the world today are made by digitally printing onto a canvass type material (PVC) which is stretched over frameworks or the likes & made to provide a perfect sign finish which has the rigid look of metal.

These sign types are excellent for indoor & outdoor applications, are really helpful in lightweight installation work (when compared to metal signs)

They are great for long stretches of sign requirement & truly a pleasure to work with.

Rolls of PVC come in 50 metres, so length limitations do not feature with this product. Their widths range from 1.37m to 3.2m & digitally printed or vinyl decorated look great.

For larger applications the PVC is strategically joined by welding the printed panels together to make up the finished sign size – quite awesome! This product is used for building wraps & large outdoor advertising displays as well as more high resolution indoor displays, providing a ‘canvassy’ look & feel.


Aluminium Lettering

Aluminium lettering: The need for longevity & style has always featured highly on the priority list of most signage requirement plans. Aluminium is a very versatile product & has proven to provide excellent finishes, either naturally anodized, with a brushed finish or even sprayed or vinyl decorated. Our manufacturing teams are skilled in fabricating lettering & logo shapes, achieving stunning designs that don’t look cheap & offer lifetimes of good quality finish with minimal maintenance. The look is always classy & in most instances meets the requirement of corporate concepts head on!   mini-Copy of 2EDO3126  mini-2EDO3053 aluminium letters  

Development Boards

Interactive Signs has been privileged to design, manufacture & install billboards for various development projects around the country.

Our boards are manufactured using 0.8mm galvanized sheet metal, bent to specific profile for maximum strength.

The panels are guillotined to required length & widths, profile bent, slotted together & secured with rivets. This structure is applied with the digital print graphics, then separated for transportation & installed at any specific site using specific clamp mechanisms & galvanized steel tubing.

The boards are often ordered at 6m x 3m & sometimes even as long as 12m – doubling up the board assembly & accommodating visual requirement with suitable graphics.

These boards provide maximum exposure at development sites & are extremely hardy, handling the elements well!

These boards can be manufactured to smaller sizes & shaped to suit site requirements – a V-shape installation would be a perfect example of this.

Should you feel slatted billboards like this would suit your requirement best, please don’t hesitate to contact us & we’ll provide all the further necessary information!

  mini-2EDO3032 mini-Ed 25-08-11

Custom signs

As skilled metal workers, welders, fabricators & applicators – Interactive Signs is able to produce just about any type of customised sign required. Our technical team will be able to assist in producing a design that meets the desired visual requirements without compromising structural integrity as far as possible!

We have been part of various custom signage designs including church tower conversions for cell phone companies, cladding & branding of building facades, to name a few.

Should you require assistance in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us for further info!

mini-5August 010 mini-DSC00908 mini-23September 003

Signs in Cape Town

Being based in Cape Town, we at Interactive Signs understand our climate & plan around it well!

We only work with aluminium or galvanised steel frameworks, ensuring rust is never a problem!

All fixings, tubing & other manufacturing consumables are always aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized steel as far as possible.