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Wayfinding Signs

What good is a development if you can’t find your way around it, right?

The options are almost limitless in this regard. We are often in partnership with architects to design, manufacture & then install way finding signage to meet site specific requirements.

A variety of materials are available to ensure the success of a good way finding system & our design team is a phone call away to assist with this as & when required.

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Vehicle Branding

What better way to advertise your business & what it does!

Often referred to as free advertising space, company vehicles are ideal for displaying company names, contact details & services offered.

Our design team is very competent in ensuring your fleet provides the marketing punch you have in mind!

The designs are made up by digitally printing onto a self adhesive vinyl which is expertly applied by our experienced applicators to ensure a good quality finish.

Often it’s a combination of cut out vinyl & digital prints to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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Light Boxes

Night time displays are key for many companies! Light boxes are manufactured in a variety of ways using a variety of techniques.

Light box requirements are very site specific in most instances & designs are compiled to accommodate the necessary site requirements.

Light boxes are often suspended or projected for double sided viewing. They can be installed flat against walls, connected to day / night switches enabling power on automatically when it gets dark.

The face choice of light boxes is usually down to 3 options:

· Acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas etc.) – this is a very popular option, providing good quality finish, durability & strength (acrylics are 6 times tougher than glass!)

· PVC – this is a digitally printed backlit PVC option which provides a very suitable finish in most cases, but not advised if within reach of potential vandals – the PVC can be damaged with a sharp object, often requiring entire face replacement.

· Another option is to stencil cut lettering & logos from an aluminium plate, back it up with acrylic & have a very stylish finish, often used for more upmarket corporates wanting world class finishes.

Illumination could either be by traditional fluorescent tubing or LED technology. Again, these options are to be discussed at time of enquiry to better understand pros & cons of either type.

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Neon Signs

The Interactive Signs team is proud to own it’s very own neon manufacturing plant. Our skilled glass blower is incredible & we’re always amazed at the finishes achieved on a neon sign.

The color brightness & durability is truly remarkable & no doubt the reason that Vegas looks so good!

Our glass is imported, arriving in straight lengths of up to 1.5m. There is quite a wide variety of color options & is manufactured to suit. The glass is heated & bent to shape & processed to completion at our plant. The units are powered up by the use of high voltage transformers which bring the shapes to light & truly provide impressive results!

Signage Maintenance

Often left to building maintenance teams or paint contractors, signage ends up damaged when being cleaned or having basic maintenance done to it.

The Interactive Signs team is able to offer signage maintenance plans, ensuring that light boxes are working, vinyl not peeling & an array of further maintenance services.

The result is a peace of mind that the look of your company is not tainted at any time due to lack of signage maintenance.

Feel free to chat to our sales team re this option.